In Loving Memory of William E Yenish

5/2/1959 - 3/16/2023

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Oliverie Funeral Home
Manchester, NJ

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Uncle Billy died suddenly while undergoing open heart surgery. Uncle Billy was the kindest and funniest guy we all knew. His sudden death will be honored on Sunday March 19, 2023, from 2-4 pm at Oliverie Funeral Home 2925 Ridgeway Rd Manchester NJ 08759. Due to his disability prior to the surgery, he was not able to work. The family is asking for any financial help you are able to provide. Please donate on the link, all donations will go directly to the funeral home and acknowledged. Your generosity is greatly appreciated. Sincerely the William Yenish Family.
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Funeral Funders (7)
Deepest sympathy to your family
Kelly Cranmer
Sorry to hear Bill passed. He was a good Friend.
Holly carpenter Michael Fisher and Heather fisher
Uncle Billy we love you until we see you again you will never be forgotten
Joseph Silvestri
love you buddy