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In Loving Memory of Tina Evans

7/21/1961 - 5/4/2018

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Tredway-Pollitt-Staver Funeral Home
Cincinnati, OH

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I know Tina will be missed dearly by friends and family but she's in a better place hopefully she's with Tommy now cuz she was suffering outside of her medical conditions but from a broken heart I'm just one person if I could do it all I would but I just don't have the means or to finance that's why I'm turning to all my family and friends Tina family and friends and hoping that we can come together and give her a decent burial a decent funeral layout something that we can remember by one last time all we need to raise this 2100 I mean I know that seems like a lot but I know there's enough of us if we just come together as just give what we can not break ourselves and go For Broke but my $10 goes a long way when enough of us chip in so I am asking you I'm begging you find it in your heart to get Tina this one last thing so she can look down on us and see us come together one last time as family and Surround her with love

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Funeral Funders (2)
Kathleen Whittington
I did not know her, but her brother has been a great blessing to my daughter and her daughters. If she was anything like him, she was a sweet woman. Rest in peace dear lady.
Dave & Alma, Dave & Jennifer, Tracy & Mark
Rest in peace Weiner! We'll miss you! Love ya!