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In Loving Memory of Thomas Barry

12/19/1974 - 12/28/2017

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Fisher Funeral Chapel, Lafayette
Lafayette, IN

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When you lose a spouse, you are a widow or widower.  When you lose your parents, you are an orphan.  But when you have to bury your child, the loss is so horrible…there is not a word for it.

That’s what Delores Barry is experiencing as 2017 comes to an end…the sudden, unexpected death of her son, 43-year-old Thomas Berry, of Lafayette. Thomas had been in failing health the past two years.

As a senior citizen with several health issues of her own, Delores and Thomas shared living expenses, each caring for the other.  Money was tight but they got by somehow.  Unfortunately, there was no safety net in place as he had not yet applied for assistance and there is no insurance, no savings. 

We never know what card we will be dealt in life.  We can look at our own hand and be quite content that our lot in life is pretty good.  But when you look around and see folks struggle to jump over hurdle after hurdle….your heart breaks for them. 

That’s where the power of community fits in…social media can unite people to do amazing things.  We are asking for you to do a random act of kindness to close out 2017.  We’re not asking for much…what you’d spend on a Starbucks drink or a lottery scratch-off…just post your donation on here anonymously. You will accomplish two things:

  1.  You will not only help an elderly mother bury her son, you’ll reassure her that God is looking out for her needs.

  2.  You’ll be paying forward a kindness that will come back to you tenfold someday when you least expect it.

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Jennifer Savini
Prayers ascending for the repose of his soul and consolation for his family.
Ashley Verhey
Rodney Solomon
Cathy Marsh
Larry Killian
Delores and Family - Sorry to hear of your loss.