In Loving Memory of Payton Arrington

4/20/1956 - 7/28/2018

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Payton was a former Basic Skills student of mine for more than five years at our community college. He came from an unfortunate background, having never married or had children. He had an elderly mother and a few living relatives in another county. He was physically handicapped with one leg shorter than the other, but that did not stop him from  taking the city bus to wherever he needed to go. His favorite store was Kroger where he could save  fifty dollars on groceries using his coupons. Once he showed me a coupon for a flatsceen  TV that was going to cost him more than $200,00  in interest. I tried to change his mind, but you can guess the rest. He enjoyed his TV and DVDs for a long  time!

As a student Payton was not able to work at the same pace as the other students. Even though he had a learning disability, his cognitive abilities were above many others. His understanding of world events was impressive and he had an opinion about everything. But Payton's most endearing quality to me was his enthusiasm for learning; he had a great imagination that showed in his creative writing and in class discussions. His excitement soared when we watched the movie Seabiscuit. During the final race Payton jumped up from his chair cheering Seabiscuit on.

A few years ago Payton dropped out of class. His health started to decline last year. We had kept in touch, sometimes taking him food or to an appt. or to church with us. He had really become like family. We will miss him very much.

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