In Loving Memory of Kristin Jayne Vanderwege

12/19/1975 - 6/20/2017

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Norman L. Waterman Funeral Home, Inc.
Newark, NY

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Kristin was a fighting spirit throughout her life. She battled cancer, a heart attack, a traumatic brain injury, a coma, and relearning daily activities most of us take for granted. She never gave up. When she was told she was battling a deadly cancer she laughed through the treatments and beat it. When she was told she could not have children she ended up with two beautiful kids. When everyone was told she would never wake up from her coma she awoke. When no one believed she would still be Kristin, she recalled everything about herself. And when she was told she could not live a normal life she fought with everything she had to prove them wrong. Her loss leaves a hole in the heart of her friends and family. Her family is emotionally, physically, and financially hurting as a result of her tragic Unexpected death. We ask for financial assistance not because we wish to put people out but because we want to ensure a great life for her children.

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Funeral Funders (6)
Jackie T
It may not be much but i hope it helps
Tierney McKee
I wish it could be more, but I know it will help. I will miss you, Kristin.
Dawn and John Ciccolone
Wil Wilkie
Deepest Sympathies to all of you Although I didn't know Kristin we grew up in Newark together so we all know each other in some form
Don Slocum
I had no idea of her struggles over the years after high school. She was determined when I knew her and I'm not surprised to hear of the things she overcame! My condolicences to all!