In Loving Memory of Jonathan Bullock

4/14/1963 - 1/9/2024

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Frazier Mason Memorial Funeral Home, LLC
Washington, DC

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This is a private request to Jon's closest friends for assistance with his burial costs. As you might guess, there is limited access to Jon's funds until after the estate gets set up. The plan is to reimburse in full everyone who is able to advance the funds needed. Since this list is short, the ask is $1000.00. This app will privately keep track of all payments so that your funds can be refunded after the estate is opened. May God bless Jon Bullock.
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Funeral Funders (14)
Kempis Brown
Trent Williams
Kevin M. Smith
Beverly R Meinhardt
Rest In Peace Jonathan. You were truly loved.
Jahrrell James
Anthony Boykin
James Rudy Brown
For my Brother Jon.
Leslie B. Rhodes
My brother, I miss you
Harrison Booker
Stan and Janice Foster
Victor Gilkes
Todd Pilot
Garry Tucker
Rest in peace Bro