In Loving Memory of Jason H. Mc Phatter

4/4/1980 - 1/29/2023

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My brother entered the Montefiore Moses Hospital in the Bronx, N.Y. on January 21st. January 29th, 10:30 a.m. my brother passed the Doctor calls & says I'm sorry and goes into a rant that it’s not her or the Hospitals fault, but it was my brother's health. The Doctor asked "Do you want an autopsy"? I replied “yes”. She then told me that an autopsy takes 30 days to perform & would derail funeral plans are you thinking cremation because there is no need for an autopsy. I replied “I want an autopsy”. The Doctor stated that she will see if they will approve it, see if he qualifies. I got a call the next day “Your request for an autopsy has been denied, because your brother does not meet the weight requirements". Then my brother's body was quietly removed from the hospital without any notification & I had to search for him as he is shipped around to & from different locations. When I Finally locate my brother's body I am told to pick him up that day. The ME also stated that "the Death Certificate states “DO NOT PERFORM AUTOPSY”. The Dr's. goal was to have my brother put in potters field without us knowing. Our donation goal is $8,000 to prove medical malpractice, so that we can finally lay him to rest. All donations go directly to the funeral home.

Thank you in advance for your consideration
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Funeral Funders (5)
Cherry Poppins
You were such a blessing to all that have cr9ssed your path I'm glad I am one of them you will be so so so so so MISSED! 4VER DOOOOOOOO DAAAAAAAAAAAAH!
Pamela Cox
You will be miss Jason. RIP
Malinda Daniel Hodge
My condolence to the family Please inbox me and let me know what I can do to physically assist . I am a phone call away
Melanie Campion
Thank you for everything J. Nothing but laughter with you.. you had a presence like No other and damn you sure could cook. You will be missed. Much love to you and your family always. X0
campion family