In Loving Memory of James Paul DaCunto

1/20/1987 - 5/30/2014

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It all started January 20, 1987 when my son Jimmy was born, we bonded immediately. He was my only child and when his Dad became sick Jimmy helped me with him through those years until eventually my husband's illness took his life and then there was only Jimmy and myself. We had to move in with my mom and within a year my mother became sick and had to be admitted to Gaylord Hospital where she stayed for 2 years. Jimmy and I visited her every day, sometimes twice a day, traveling from Guilford to Wallingford. Jimmy loved his grandmother very much and he was devastated when she passed away. He was a good son who helped me with everything. On Friday, May 30, 2014 I went to the store only to come home and find him laying on the couch unconscious. I called 911 and the paramedics did everything to save him but his heart had stopped. I have lost all of my family and I am the only one left. I can't work due to a disability and I am barely making ends meat. Since I am on disability, I have not been able to pay my sons funeral bill and it's adding up and I am being contacted regularly by the collection agency. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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