In Loving Memory of Cathleen Backmann

12/31/1950 - 6/14/2017

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Baldwin Brothers Funeral and Cremation - Port Orange
Port Orange, FL

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My beautiful mother passed away on June 14 2017. She leaves behind  too soon, her daughter (26 years old), son (31 years old) and a beautiful 8 month old granddaughter who I am so happy and blessed she got to meet. Her granddaughter completed her life in a way she never thought possible. My mom was a single mom who had no help and stretched herself thin to provide the best life she could for her me, her daughter.  Although her son lived in Jacksonville with his father, she always felt she could have done more for him, although there were circumstances out of her control. There were so many times we struggled and although we did not have a lot of finances, the moral values she instilled in me meant more than any amount of money we could have had. Being the first in the family to graduate college (Stetson University), being a violinist and now working for the airline and travelling the world, I know that that was the best accomplishment of all and was her ultimate success in life. She was the best mother I could have ever asked for and I don't know how she did it at 40 years old, after having cervical cancer and 3/4 of her cervix removed and being told she would never be able to carry full term. That not even being the most sad part of the 2014 she got diagnosed with lung cancer and the next 2 years she would undergo 28 rounds of radiation. Although she was a smoker, she had COPD and Emphysema which took a toll on her lungs as well. In the spring of last year she got cleared of cancer and was so excited and ready to live life again! That fall, another dark cloud came over her and she was told she had a bacteria called Mycobacterium Abscessus. A bacteria that is extremely progressive, incurable and resistant to antibiotics. For anyone without a compromised immune system, we fight off these types of bacteria (found in water, air, soil, contaminated surfaces) all the time. She was put on many extremely high doses of antibiotics that just made her sick and created her to not be able to a few short months she dropped about 30 pounds. On top of it all in April they found some spots on her left breast that were abnormal that she needed to get removed and biopsied. She was in the hospital so much she never got around to it. The last few months leading up to her passing she was in the hospital 2-3 times a month. She declined very rapidly in just a few weeks then she was abruptly taken from us. I'm asking for help because my mom was a beautiful person and never had much, being on Social Security Disability...the position I am in right now is an extremely difficult one. On top of being the only one who is taking care of everything legally for my mother and moving and sorting through her entire life with no other help (have only till the end of the month to empty her apartment), my boyfriend and I with our 8 month old are also moving and in the underwriting stages for our new home. We are literally unable to take on any debt or our financing could fall through and we essentially end up homeless. This wouldn't be such a big deal if our home wasn't sold already but it is. :( We don't close until July 3rd so it is just a long time to let my mom not be properly laid to rest. I am trying my hardest with all my resources but am struggling and not getting much help. My moms wish over and over was to not be cremated and I am trying to honor that wish since she gave the ultimate sacrifice as a mom who never did anything for herself. She still wore the same clothes from when she was pregnant with me. This woman was the most selfless, hardworking, loving, kind, gentle human being I could have had the utmost honor and privilege to have as my mother and she was taken so soon. We had a cruise planned for September as a celebration of life and now we can't even do that. Please help me honor her wishes! I am begging for any sort of  help. Thank you so much for your time and kindness to listen to her story. 

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