Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Fund the Funeral is a fraud-free crowdfunding platform designed by funeral directors to help families pay for funeral expenses while ensuring that funeral service providers get paid.
Fund the funeral uses the latest and greatest technologies for secure payment encryption. In addition, we do not store any credit card or banking information on our servers. This keeps both our funeral service providers banking information safe, as well as the donors’ online payments.
Fraud free crowdfunding means that Fund the Funeral makes sure that funeral funds are for real people, and we work with funeral service providers to ensure that money donated to funeral funds goes directly towards paying for funeral expenses.
It doesn’t cost anything to use Fund the Funeral. Fund the Funeral is 100% free. Whether you are funeral service provider, or a family member who has recently lost a loved one, it is, and always will be, free to use our service.
The money donated to a funeral fund is paid directly to the funeral service provider working with the family of the deceased.
There is no limit to the length of a funeral fund. The funeral service provider determines when to end a funeral fund.
Fund the Funeral charges a flat fee of 5% on each donation made to a funeral fund. This fee helps us to cover our own costs of running a website and business. The fee is similar to competing crowd funding websites. For more detailed information about our fees, please read our terms of service.

Fund the Funeral recommends using Funeralwise, an independent, unbiased resource dedicated to helping people navigate all aspects of the funeral experience. They provide a full range of free tools and information resources to help you plan ahead, make arrangements for loved ones, design a celebration of life, and support friends in their loss.

Funeral Fund Organizer Questions

The most important part of running a successful funeral funding campaign is spreading the word about the funeral fund. Sharing your funeral fund via email, Facebook, Twitter, other social media, and adding a link to the funeral fund in an obituary will greatly increase your chance of a successful funeral fund.
Sharing your funeral fund is easy on Fund the Funeral. When you create a funeral fund, you will be walked through a sharing wizard which will guide you through the process of sharing your funeral fund. We also make it easy for your friends and family to share by visiting the funeral fund and clicking on one or more of the social media sharing links.
Creating a funeral fund is easy. You can do it on your phone, tablet, or computer. Click the Start a Fund link at the top of this page. You will be asked a few questions about yourself, and your loved one. Additionally, you can upload an image of your loved one. You will be asked which funeral service provider you are working with, so we know whom to pay out for donations made to the funeral fund.
Before the funeral fund shows up on the website, the funeral service provider must set the goal amount and confirm the funeral fund. They should receive an email immediately after you create the funeral fund requesting that they set the goal and approve the funeral fund. You may want to contact the funeral service provider if it takes more than a few hours for your funeral fund to show up on the website. You will be notified by email as soon as your funeral fund is approved by the funeral service provider.
You sure can. If the service provider you are using is not listed, you will be prompted to give us the name and contact information. We will contact the funeral service provider for you and have them create an account with us. In the event the funeral service provider does not wish to create an account at this time, we will notify you by email.
Yes, when creating a funeral fund, you will have the option of making the fund private. This means the funeral fund will not be searchable on our website. The only way to see the funeral fund will be sharing a link to the funeral fund.
There is no time limit for how long you may run a funeral fund for. It is completely up to you and the funeral service provider you are working with.

Funeral Service Provider Questions

Fund the Funeral is better than other crowdfunding platforms because we ensure that funeral service providers get paid directly from funeral funding campaigns. Fund the Funeral was designed from the ground up by funeral directors and is the only crowdfunding platform designed to meet the unique needs of funeral fund organizers, funeral fund donors, and funeral service providers.
Please see our How It Works page for more detailed information on how Fund the Funeral works.

How It Works
To sign up for an account, click here. Creating an account takes only a few minutes. Once you have created an account, you are ready to begin accepting donations for funeral funds directly to your bank account immediately.
Now that you have created an account, you are ready to begin accepting donations through funeral funds. You can now start referring families to Fund the Funeral and have them set up a funeral fund. As part of the process of creating a funeral fund, the family will select your business to be associated with the funeral fund. This will link the donate button with your bank account so that you receive the funds from every donation. If families mention using other crowdfunding platforms, you can kindly tell them that you prefer families use is instead.
Fund the Funeral works either way. We generally recommend having the family set up the funeral fund when possible as it is easier for the family to share the funeral fund on social media when they have created the funeral fund themselves. However, often due to technology limitations or many other reasons, it is not easy or possible for a family to create the funeral fund themselves. When this is the case, it is just as easy for the funeral service provider to create the funeral fund for the family.
It is usually best to discuss the goal amount with the family. Often times the goal amount is set to the estimated cost of the funeral service. However, you may set the goal to be any amount above or below the cost of the funeral service.
If the funeral fund makes more money than the cost of the funeral service, the funeral service provider must pay back any excess funding to the family.
You may end the funeral fund at any time. Usually funeral service providers keep the funeral fund running until after the funeral service and after their bill is settled with the family.
Yes! Fund the Funeral makes it easy to print out invoices for each funeral fund to make it easy to reconcile your bank account, and your bills with families.
No problem. Money donated to a funeral fund is transferred to the funeral service provider regardless of whether or not the goal is reached.
Money donated to a funeral fund is processed immediately. Depending on the payment type, it usually takes 2-3 days for the money to be transferred into the bank account, although it can take up to 5 days with certain credit cards. Donations are paid out as they occur, not only after the funeral fund is ended.

Donor Questions

Fund the Funeral verifies every funeral service provider who uses our services. We ensure that the funeral fund is real and that all donations are transferred directly to the funeral service provider to pay for funeral expenses.
Absolutely. You can donate from anywhere in the world!
Yes, Fund the Funeral was designed to run on any internet-capable device including phones, tablets, and computers.
Yes you can. When making a donation, you have the option to keep your name and/or donation amount kept private.