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Deshawn P. Jordan
9/9/1994 - 11/22/2018
As some of may or may not know we have lost a love one. Deshawn was 1 of many. He lost his life to a senseless act of violence. We will be using the money we raise for his memorial service and cremation that way he will always be right next to us everyday as we keep his memory alive.

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Cleveland, OH
Alonzo Spencer
5/8/1959 - 11/26/2018
Alonzo Spencer, 59, of Columbia, Missouri, passed away on Monday, November 26, 2018, at University of Missouri Hospital. Arrangements are pending at H.T. May & Son Funeral Home in Columbia.

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Boonville, MO
Kenneth Zawadzki Sr.
9/24/1950 - 11/26/2018
UPDATE: Money given today has helped us reach the goal! The Zawadzki family would like to thank all of you for your donations - and to those donating in memory of a family member who was also a veteran - your gift was especially meaningful and acknowledged.

Throughout the United States, today is known as "Giving Tuesday." Unlike "Black Friday" or "Cyber Monday" this day was started as an alternative way to celebrate the gift-giving traditions at Christmas time...a way to help worthwhile charities while avoiding the commercialization of the holidays. So in the spirit of the season, listen to Kenneth Zawadzki Sr.'s story. Life had never been easy for Kenneth. One of 22 children, Kenneth grew up in hard times in Chicago. At the age of 19, Kenneth answered the call to duty and served in the U.S. Army during the Vietnam War. Little did he know then that Agent Orange, the herbicide used during the war, would create the cancer that would eventually be his demise. Kenneth came home from the war and started a family. In 1980, his failing eyesight prevented his ability to work and he has been on disability since that time - unfortunately the SSI program he was enrolled in does not provide burial benefits. . To accept trustee assistance, you must give up the right to have any kind of public funeral service - and his family wanted to be able to have a dignified service. The Veterans Administration is providing a free space, opening fees and marker at the Marion National Cemetery - which also saves a space for his widow's burial in the future - a very generous benefit to veterans. The family had saved a small amount of money, Cass County provides $100 for Veterans upon death and Fisher Funeral Chapel extended a Veteran's discount. Now, we are starting a Fund the Funeral account to enable friends and community members to pitch in to honor this Veteran's life. Maybe donate a couple bucks in memory of special Veterans in your life as a way of helping their fellow comrade? Your kindness is greatly appreciated! Thank you!

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Logansport, IN
Betty Jean Wayne
11/14/1966 - 11/21/2018
Betty Jean Wayne passed away Wednesday, November 21, 2018. Betty did not have insurance and her family needs help paying for her services. The money raised on here goes directly to Fisher Funeral Chapel for the services and Tippecanoe Memory Gardens for the burial. Please help if you can, any amount helps and will be greatly appreciated.

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Lafayette, IN
Carlos Herrera Alamo
8/14/1938 - 11/17/2018
Carlos Herrara Alamo, age 80, passed away peacefully on November 17, 2018 at Yale New Haven Hospital surrounded by his loving family.

Carlos Herrera Alamo was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico on August 14, 1938. He married Angela Graulau Martinez on January 28, 1970. Their generations are Omar Herrera Graulau, Gildemar Isa Herrera Graulau, and Alana Herrera Graulau. His wife came to live in the Bronx, New York a few months before to open doors, bringing their children to Upstate New York, Mountaindale (winter of 1979) to find a better standard of living for the whole family. Mountaindale is a hamlet in the town of Fallsburg in Sullivan County, New York, United States, situated at an altitude of 1,010 feet.

There were times of great struggle, followed by living a few months later in Liberty, New York. Adjusting to weather changes and lack of labor, Carlos began working at a chicken poultry farm in Livingston Manor, New York, an hour distance from Liberty, New York. Compared to his position as an ITT Telephone Company Spervisor in Puerto Rico this was a great sacrifice while trying to find better schooling and a future for their children. He wanted for everyone in the family to learn a second language “English.”

A few Years later in 1982, an unknown radio station from Bridgeport, Connecticut was reaching our area. Pastor Armando Hernandez from the Second Star of Jacob (today know as “Estrella Respandeciente de Jacob) was preaching and transmitting the radio show “Dando Gracias a Dios.” Carlos and Angela decided to contact him, and a few months later, moved again, this time to James St, New Haven, Connecticut. He help build, with his son, the foundation of the new temple Second Star of Jacob on 201 Chapel Street in New Haven, Connecticut.

His last years of labor were at Rockbestos Company, Mitchell Drive, New Haven where he performed electrical wiring fabrication for various utility companies. Everyone in the family was becoming young adults and began to push forward for a better education and financial stability. Carlos Herrera Alamo left a legacy of hard work, and love for his family.

In his final moments here before he passed away, he was on his way to get for milk for his wife, Angela Herrera Graulau. He was a faithfull husband until death parted us. He helped those who wanted to receive advice, serving the Lord quietly and humbly.

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West Haven, CT
James Paul DaCunto
1/20/1987 - 5/30/2014
It all started January 20, 1987 when my son Jimmy was born, we bonded immediately. He was my only child and when his Dad became sick Jimmy helped me with him through those years until eventually my husband's illness took his life and then there was only Jimmy and myself. We had to move in with my mom and within a year my mother became sick and had to be admitted to Gaylord Hospital where she stayed for 2 years. Jimmy and I visited her every day, sometimes twice a day, traveling from Guilford to Wallingford. Jimmy loved his grandmother very much and he was devastated when she passed away. He was a good son who helped me with everything. On Friday, May 30, 2014 I went to the store only to come home and find him laying on the couch unconscious. I called 911 and the paramedics did everything to save him but his heart had stopped. I have lost all of my family and I am the only one left. I can't work due to a disability and I am barely making ends meat. Since I am on disability, I have not been able to pay my sons funeral bill and it's adding up and I am being contacted regularly by the collection agency. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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West Haven, CT
Fredrine Alexander
8/26/1953 - 11/18/2018
Fredrine's family would appreciate any donation to assist with her final expenses.

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Niles, MI
Lyndsay Joy Pullen
6/8/1986 - 11/13/2018
UPDATE: Mark Pullen would like to thank everyone for their donations in memory of Lyndsay. Enough money was raised to pay for her funeral and cemetery expenses. Any excess received will be used to purchase the adjacent lot at Mount Hope Cemetery and a small monument that will be added this spring.

You could describe Lyndsay in one word...Joy...which just happened to be her middle name! In spite of her physical disabilities, there she was week-after-week in the second to the front row at First United Methodist Church...arms reaching out to her Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. That's where she found her source of the Lord.

She and her husband, Mark, and their cats Meowachy and Precious, and dog, Brutus, were a happy family. But in the blink of an eye, Lyndsay died unexpectedly - the result of a pulmonary embolism - a blood clot to the lungs. Mark is lost. Lyndsay was only 32 years is so hard to believe. On Tuesday, we asked you to join together and show Mark how much he is loved by taking a huge burden off of his shoulders. You have done just that and we thank you! Please continue to pray for Mark.

Lyndsay was laid to rest on Friday, Nov. 16, 2018, at Mount Hope Cemetery. Over 70 people came to pay their respects and show Mark how much they care. Pastor Beth Ann Cook from First U.M. Church and Captain Stephen DeLacy and his wife, Liz, from the Salvation Army and friend, Elaine Hall took part in a beautiful tribute to Lyndsay's life. Following the funeral, we surpassed the $2000 goal. Any excess funds will be used to purchase a monument for her grave. A temporary marker haseen placed at her grave which is in the Barnes addition, East of the cemetery chapel.

To read Lyndsay's obituary, please copy and paste this link in your browser:

We have received donations from several anonymous donors who stopped by our office. The First United Methodist Church will also be making a contribution. We have reduced the original goal amount of $2000 to reflect these gifts made outside of this Tribute page. You are welcome to stop by our office to drop off donations as well. Again, thank you for your prayers and your generous response.

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Logansport, IN
John “Babe” Martin
6/29/1951 - 11/8/2018
John C. "Babe" Martin,67, of Columbia, Mo., passed away on Thursday, November 8,2018 at University of Missouri Hospital. Arrangements are pending.

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Boonville, MO

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