What Is Fund the Funeral?

Crowd Funding Designed By and For Funeral Homes

Fund the Funeral is a crowdfunding website that has been designed from the ground up by funeral directors to help them accept at need families who need some assistance paying for their loved one's final expenses. Fund the Funeral is the only crowd funding website designed with the specific goal of helping funeral directors and funeral homes, as well as at need families.

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Why Fund the Funeral?

Fraud Free Crowdfunding

Fund the Funeral is the only crowd funding website that ensures that donations made to a fund go directly towards paying for the final expenses of the deceased. At need families can only start a funeral fund if they are working with a funeral service provider who is registered with Fund the Funeral. The funeral fund will not be made available on our website until your business has set the goal amount and accepted the funeral fund. Donations made to a funeral fund are immediately transferred into your businesses bank account as soon as they are processed.

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